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  • Cameras among items you should consider

    Article by Richard Gutterman, President, Tri-Tronics; published May 19, 2014 issue, “Inside Business” Whether you want to attribute security issues to increased crime because of the economy, increased data breaches due to failures in use of technology, or any number of other societal conditions, the reality is business and building owners should continue to pay […]

  • Tri-Tronics LTD in the Community

    Tri-Tronics is very proud to support the VA Star Program for Virginia Beach Schools.  The Virginia Student Training and Refurbishment program (VA STAR) students refurbish surplus hardware from state agencies or private companies and earn IT repair certification. Once refurbished, these computers are donated to families and organizations that need a computer. As we all […]

  • Employee Highlight

    Not everyone plans to sell to the government for a career. After being a stay-at-home mom for eighteen years, Margaret Jean Davie realized that completing her college degree was important, so she was fortunate to be in a position to return full time to the College of William and Mary and as an older returning student (at […]

  • Tri-Tronics LTD is now a dealer and service provider for Stratocast

    We are proud to announce that Tri-Tronics offers clients the highest quality interactive video surveillance on the market: Stratocast. The first installation of this amazing product will be on the Outer Banks, N.C. in the boating community. Watch for the whole story soon….