Audio Communications


Audio Communications for Commercial and Government Properties

Tri-Tronics Ltd. is recognized for our variety of audio monitoring technology. Our vendor products are used in over thirty countries, both  private sector and government. We currently serve the needs of law enforcement, security, health care, entertainment, hospitality and retail industries and many more.

We are providing vandal-resistant Code Blue emergency phones installed in education, corporate, hospital, airport and municipal locations. Offering American-made products including Help Point®, Emergency Signaling, Incident Response and Systems Management solutions with full diagnostic capabilities assures you that your business or organization’s safety is a priority.

Tri-Tronics, Ltd. has solutions for highly specialized needs which support a wide range of commercial clients. Some of these solutions may involve…

Code BlueCode Blue Interactive Voice Security System

Cold Blue systems offer incident deterrence and effective management in a wide range of business environments, from schools and public facilities to parking or high security areas. Working with Tri-Tronics Ltd. will provide the consultation you need to reduce expenses for costly patrolling and liability exposure while providing a safe environment for your employees and visitors.

Voice Paging and Public Address Systems

Reliable voice paging increases efficiency in hospitals, educational facilities, commercial buildings and retail environments. You can be ready for emergency announcements with a thorough, reliable single-vendor solution. For years, we have been assisting businesses, government facilities, and educational facilities with high performance loudspeakers that are designed for applications that require excellent speech as well as efficient operation when used as part of your paging/intercom system.

Video and Door Control Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems available at Tri-Tronics Ltd. provides peace of mind, giving you the ability to not only know when somebody is outside your facility or home, but to view and talk to them from the safety and comfort of any location in your interior area. We offer many options, both wired and wireless with add-on accessories and locks based on your needs. Several popular styles and models of door intercoms are available with quick response to talk to visitors easily from desk or other locations on your property.

Audio Surveillance Equipment

Audio surveillance recording devices and voice recorders are essential tools for any number of professions. Telephone and mobile phone recording devices are go-to audio surveillance solutions for law enforcement applications. Our audio surveillance equipment will allow you to record with ease.

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