Analog Camera Systems

Analog Camera Systems


image04We offer choices to customize the requirements of our clients. The PTZ Domes offer a choice of 36x and 29x models, featuring 540TVL day/night cameras, 128x wide dynamic range, motion detection and a host of features that continue to uphold our position as a local dealer of the ultimate dome positioning systems and the cornerstone of any security installation.

CCTV Cameras

image05CCTV cameras offer high-resolution color, wide dynamic range and day/night capabilities typically reserved for much more expensive video security systems. Featuring an ease of installation that is second to none, the cameras are ideal for protecting a wide range of indoor or outdoor environments, including parking lots, retail applications, banks, schools, and critical infrastructure.

Analog Fixed Domes

image06Fixed Dome cameras offer customers the choice of having IR technology along with fixed or varifocal lens. These cameras are versatile so they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Analog Bullet Cameras

image07The Bullet style cameras offer a good, better and best strategy for customer’s choice. The models come with IR (infrared radiation) technology in each camera with an optional fixed lens or varifocal. Cameras start with 15 meters of IR performance in entry series models and increase to 50 meters in the highest performing model.