Employee Highlight

Not everyone plans to sell to the government for a career. After being a stay-at-home mom for eighteen years, Margaret Jean Davie realized that completing her college degree was important, so she was fortunate to be in a position to return full time to the College of William and Mary and as an older returning student (at the age of 42) graduated with a BS in Psychology. What does a person with a degree in Psychology do? They go into sales. After several sales jobs, she was hired to sell to government agencies.

After she learned to establish relationships with end users and procurement people, she wanted to be their “go to person” whether it be for a bid or help with gathering information. This, of course was way before the Internet or Google, so it meant spending a lot of time going through catalogues, calling tech people, being on hold forever and hopefully coming up with a solution. In addition, bid boards were just beginning to emerge with Electronic Data Interchange being the dominate mode of responding to bids.

Margaret Jean is a leading member of the team responsible for offering Tri-Tronics’ security products and services in the Government Sales division. Through her years of experience and knowledge, she is able to  assist you with procurement of security solutions.

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